Kritter Care Client Testimonials

Providing the best and most attentive care to our clients and their pets is extremely important to us. Our pet sitters provide services ranging from walking or brushing your pet to administering medications. We offer completely customizable Wilmington NC pet sitting services to offer you and your pet the best level of care specific to their individual needs. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our services. We offer additional references upon request, contact-us.

Frank and Pat Ahern

Our pets love Kritter Care, and so do we! Jen and Jennifer have been a part of the family, providing quality pet sitting for a number of years now. They are reliable, trustworthy and sensitive to our pets’ needs. We had one of our cats become ill during one of our vacations, and they did not hesitate to call us, assess the situation, and recommend vet care. They took her to the vet and were caring and professional. We highly recommend their service to others pet loving families!

Sara Ashenfelter

I cannot give enough praise about Kritter Care. I have complete peace of mind when I am away from home and they are in charge of my pets. Kritter Care looks after my two dogs daily during the week. After each visit they leave a personalized note to describe my pets’ behavior and provide information in sensitive, carefully-chosen words. Both dogs have conditions which require them to take medications and Kritter Care handles the dosing accurately and reliably. Additionally, one of my dogs experienced a seizure while Kritter Care was on duty; the KC staff member handled the situation properly and with a calm reassuring demeanor. I have complete confidence in Kritter Care and highly recommend them.

Nathalie Rubin, DVM

I feel very comfortable with referring my clients to Kritter Care especially those with special medical needs. For my own pet, I notice a great change in her personality when I come home and Kritter Care has come for a visit that day. Ally seems happier. I don’t know what I would do without their personal care and attention for my pet. Thank you Kritter Care.

Joe, Lou Ann, Jake and Tia Mayfield

Kritter Care has helped us to care for our pets for 5 years. The day we brought our poodle Jake home Jen and Jennifer came by to meet him. They have made it possible for us to work and not worry that he is being neglected. Tia joined our family last year and she looks forward to her KC girls coming by for a chance to get an extra treat. We always recommend Kritter Care to anyone who is looking for dependable caring care for their pets.